"Takes the slip from the grip!"

Need help to improve your game ?

Looking for that extra 10% ?

For an inexpensive and effective way to rapidly enhance your squash, tennis or badminton game use RESINPAD.

For almost forty years Resinpad has been used by champions, professionals and amateurs alike to improve and enhance their performance in those sports where a good grip is essential.

  Resinpad is used in many sports - in particular :


Resinpad is a small pad (approx. 6.5 c.m. x 9 c.m.) of semi-porous material filled with a mixture of high grade powdered resin. It fits neatly and comfortably into the pocket of your shorts, trousers or skirt. When your grip needs enhancing dab the Resinpad onto your hands and a small amount of resin powder will be emitted to strengthen your grip. No more slip, no more messy resin bowls, no more clouds of potentially harmful resin powder, just smart, effective, enhanced grip.

Resinpads are available singly, in convenient twin packs or boxes of 24. They are available at wholesale or retail prices depending on the size of order.

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